Terms & Conditions

Information of any kind provided by Alfieri Home to the CUSTOMER, shall remain property of Alfieri Home. It can only be used to execute the contract/the order and can only be disclosed after obtaining a written confidentiality agreement from the entity receiving it.

Alfieri Home is collecting personal information on its websites only with the willingness of the Customer, to fulfill the following purposes:
  •     the confirmation, shipping and invocing of their orders;
  •     solving cancelations or matters of any kind regarding an order or a contract, services or items purchased by Customer;
  •     to ensure the Customer’s access to the service;
  •     sending newsletters and or regular notifications, exclusively in online formatting;
  •     contacting the Customer, upon his personal request;
  •     contacting the Customer, with Customer Services matters;
  •     statistical purposes.
By creating the Account, every Customer has agreed for Alfieri Home to collect and manage the Customer’s personal information, according to provisions of Law  677/2001. Every Customer has the right to obtain from  Alfieri Home, in a written request, signed and dated, for free:

a. confirmation that his/her personal information is processed at one given time;

b. as the case may be, amending, updating, blocking  or deleting the personal information whose processing is not according to the law, especially when dealing with incomplete or incorrect information;

c. as the case may be, the conversion into anonymous data of information whose processing is not according to the law;

d. as notifying the third party to whom was disclosed the personal information of any of the oprations performed according to b. and c., if this notifying is not deemed impossible or does not require a disproportionate effort towards the legitimate interest that may be injured.

Every Customer has the right to reject at any time, following legitimate and well-founded reasons regarding his/her particular situation, by sending  Alfieri Home a written request, dated and signed, the processing of  information concerning him/her, except cases in which the law requires otherwise. In case this opposition is justified, the mentioned personal information can no longer be processed.

Every Customer has the right to reject at any time, free of charge and without having to justify, by sending Alfieri Home a written request, dated and signed, the use of personal information it concerns in marketing purposes, on behalf of the operator or a third party, the disclosure of the information to a third party with this purpose;

- Alfieri Home may involuntarily collect other information as well (IP address, hour of visiting, location of access, name and version of internet browser , operating system, includingother parameteres) provided by the internet browser through which access to the site is gained and can be used used in order to improve services provided to its Customers or Users, or with a statistical purpose; an exception would be the case in which provisions of this document are violated; in case in which the Customer’s actions will prove to be against the interests of or produces damages of any kind to - Alfieri Home and/or possible third parties with which - Alfieri Home has partnership contracts at the time being.

- The Customer has the right to oppose the collecting of his/her personal information and to request its deletion, thus revoking the right given for said docuemnt, and thusly renouncing any implicit right specified in this and without any ulterior obligation of any party to the other or without any party to be able to claim the other one damages, but only according to the abovemnetioned provisions opf the law.

- In order to exercise his/her rights, the Customer will address himself/herself to Alfieri Home, according to the contact details available on the website, valid at said date.

- Using the forms available on the website, the Customer has the right to amend the information initially declared in order to reflect any modification occured, if this may or may not exist; All VISA and MASTERCARD cards issued by Romanian and foreign banks are accepted, under the condition that the issuing banks has activated them for online payment.

- Alfieri Home does not require or stock any information regarding the Customer’s credit card(s), this being processed directly on the online payment provider’s servers.

- Alfieri Home’s Privacy Policy refers only to the infromation willingly and exclusively provided by the Customer on the website. Alfieri Home cannot be held responsible for the Privacy Policy pacrticed by any other third party, that can be reached through connections, whatever they may be, outside of the website.

- Alfieri Home commits to the personal information collected from the Customer to be used only according to declared purposes and to not disclosing, selling, renting, licensing, transfering etc. the data base containing the Customer’s personal information to any thord party not involed in fulfilling the declared purposes.

- Exception to article 6.9  will be the situation in which transfering/accessing/viewing etc. is requested by legal representatives in force at the date of said event.

- The credit card processor agreed upon by Alfieri Home has the right to access/view any type of information/documents, generated following an issued order, canceled order, contract, canceled contract or honoured contract , in order to investigate any Transaction, if it should exist.

- Alfieri Home guarantees that a User’s personal information collected through the Contact form, shall only be used until the reported issue is solved, after which it will become become information with an exclusively statistic purpose.

- Alfieri Home cannot be held responsible for the malfunctions that can endanger the security of the server on which the database holding this information is hosted.