About Us

Feel the exotic household style. Grace and noble, elegant and romantic, classical and modern, all display in Alfieri Home.

A book can record the prosperous and decline history of a country, wich exists only in the thought and memory of people. However, a piece of furniture can record the life ever lived, the tale of a family, a dynasty. A set of furniture, a piece of chair, a fireplace can also record a passage of tale.

Rambling in the world of Alfieri Home classical furniture, one can feel the Caesar epoch of Roman, the breath of Napoleon era in Europe, the billowing sound of the chariot move across the Alpine Mount, the Rhine River.

Allow the thoughts rambling in the touching love affair of the prince and princess, feeling the luxury temperament of the royal nobles.

The element filled with history sense displayed in every detail of the house.

Alfieri Home describes high style furniture combined with first class materials.

Beautiful shape is demonstrated fully in between the details; The superior combination of colors and materials fully expresses the fashionable and simple quality; exquisite furnishings are so pleasing to the eyes and the mind and so friendly and relaxing.

Alfieri Home brings more warmth, peace and comfort to your life!